“Through this course, I learnt to respond to things and not to react to them. I feel calmer, more focussed and more able to cope with stress. This course has both big and small tips to be mindful and be in the moment. It helped me a great deal in managing my thoughts and situations.”
— Mark
“I’ve gained insight into how I respond and ways to manage my response, and I’m less reactive. I’m feeling calmer and more in control of my mind. I listen more to understand the other person. I’d recommend this course to anyone who wants to understand their own mind and thought processes and get more control in their life.”
— Sarah
“I’m using what I learnt each day in many different settings. It’s been particularly helpful at helping me learn to be kinder to myself and others. Family and friends tell me I’m calmer, striving less and smiling more. Jan puts in so much work & brings so much kindness & generosity to the experience you can’t help but want to learn from her.”
— Lou
“I feel empowered to use the techniques taught at the course – these are tools which have helped me to “take time out” and re-assess situations and gain meaning from experiences. This course has also helped me to relax, sleep better and be more energised and organised.”
– Luke


As a business owner or leader you’ll know you can’t afford to make decisions with a distracted, reactive mind.

Successful leadership relies on collaboration, creativity, cognitive flexibility and effective decision-making – the very things that unhappiness, stress and distraction are known to erode, and that mindfulness is known to enhance. 

Mindfulness initiatives have been proven to help leaders become more cognitively resilient, emotionally regulated and able to respond skilfully to stress and challenges.

Plus, research also suggests that employees of leaders who practise mindfulness have less emotional exhaustion, better work-life balance and better job performance ratings.

Being Your Best at work

Mindfulness deliberately disrupts and erodes our habitual patterns of responding, leaving us receptive to new ideas, new ways of thinking and being in the world.

Being Your Best has been adapted from the highly regarded evidence-based MBSR programme. As you build up a variety of practices and techniques, the effects on your leadership may include improvements in:-



Deep focus and concentration when you want it, and the ability to come back more quickly when distracted.

Calm under pressure

Feeling more able to handle the challenges and stresses that come your way (at work and in your personal life).


Increase in capability to problem solve, think creatively and find innovative solutions.

Emotionally resilient

A reduction in emotional flare-ups or hasty outbursts.


Listening and communicating with others more effectively and enjoyably.


More connection to others, and the world around you.

Being Your Best at work
19th May – 7th Jul 2022

With Jan Haworth

Thursdays 9am-11am, Epsom - Auckland
$750 + GST* 

*First Steps Provider - funding available

Dates don’t suit you? Consider coming on our MBSR course instead. Find upcoming dates here.

Have a go at mindfulness

Got questions or like to know more about what’s involved in the Being Your Best course? Join our free, online intro session.

We’ll explain what mindfulness is, bust some myths, have a go at a short practice and answer any questions you may have.

Tues 13th April, 1.30pm - via zoom

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How we operate under different Covid Alert Levels
We are able to operate in-person at all levels of the traffic light system. However, in this ever changing world if circumstances change and for some reason we are no longer able to hold the sessions in person, we will move online and deliver the sessions via zoom.
An incredible, meaningful and transformational programme with stunning programme design, knowledge, and delivery. Highly recommend.

Ready to join in?

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Being Your Best is an intensive 8-week course, including over 16 hours of instruction and coaching on mindfulness.

We ask that participants make a commitment to daily practice of 20-40mins during the course.  We appreciate that it’s often difficult to carve out extra time for something new in lives that are already very busy and crowded.  However, the commitment to spend time in between the sessions will mean that you will gain the maximum benefit from the course.

Register below to join the many thousands of people who have experienced the benefits of mindfulness across the world.

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Proven Track Record

For over ten years, we’ve delivered a highly-effective and popular mindfulness based resilience at work course to the staff of Counties Manukau District and Waitemata Health Boards. Well over 1,000 staff have attended.
“I have had the privilege of working with Mindfulness Aotearoa in planning and coordinating the delivery of mindfulness programmes within Counties Manukau Health for a number of years.

The evaluations and individual feedback we have received from staff supporting the impact and effect it had on their self-care and resilience, with the tangible lasting benefits they felt from utilising simple techniques, were testament to its value.

I have found the team to hold the highest professional standards of practice and experience in their work. I have been impressed by how they have demonstrated a genuine understanding of the pressures and challenges that healthcare staff experience in their day to day work and been flexible in adjusting programmes to meet that need.

We were shortlisted as a finalist for Award for Health, Safety and Wellbeing at the HRINZ Awards in 2016 as a result of our mindfulness based resilience programmes.”

Jenny PowellJenny Powell
Organisational Development Consultant
Counties Manukau Health

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Sustainability statement

We believe personal well-being, thriving communities, and the health of our planet are interconnected. For every participant in our courses, we partner with Trees that Count to plant a native tree, contributing to the restoration and biodiversity of Aotearoa New Zealand. Join us in cultivating mindfulness, reducing stress, and together, let's nurture both our minds and the Earth we call home.