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May-June Course Details

  • Time: 6.30pm-9pm
  • Full Day of Mindfulness: Sat 20th June, 9.30pm-5pm
  • Please note there is no session on Monday 4th June due to Queen’s birthday public holiday.
  • Facilitator: Dianne May

Oct-Nov Course Details

  • Time: 6.30pm-9pm
  • Please note the week 3 session will take place on Wed 28th Oct due to Labour Day on Mon 26th Oct.
  • Full Day of Mindfulness: Sat 21st Nov, 9.30pm-5pm
  • Facilitator: Jan Haworth

ASD Caregiver Course Details

  • Time: TBC
  • Date: TBC
  • Facilitator: Jan Haworth
“Through this course, I learnt to respond to things and not to react to them. I feel calmer, more focussed and more able to cope with stress. This course has both big and small tips to be mindful and be in the moment. It helped me a great deal in managing my thoughts and situations.”
— Mark
“I have found that living in the moment has opened up so much time for me. Life is so busy, and I used to spend so much time overthinking the past and the future, and then trying to distract myself by watching tv and spending time on my phone. I really am living in the moment and I have found time to do some of the things that I have wanted to do for so long.”
— Elisabeth
“I’ve gained insight into how I respond and ways to manage my response, and I’m less reactive. I’m feeling calmer and more in control of my mind. I listen more to understand the other person. I’d recommend this course to anyone who wants to understand their own mind and thought processes and get more control in their life.”
— Sarah
“This course helped me be more mindful of how I am and in gaining skills to choose different ways of being. Now I take time to slow down, breathe and check in with myself. I believe this course is a great way in which to focus your life and reconnect with oneself.”
— Brenda
“This course was like a treasure box of insight each week. Learning that mindfulness is not about fixing anything was a revelation. I’m using what I learnt each day in many different settings. It’s been particularly helpful at helping me learn to be kinder to myself & others. Family and friends tell me I’m calmer, striving less and smiling more. Jan puts in so much work & brings so much kindness & generosity to the experience you can’t help but want to learn from her.”
— Lou
“I’m noticing that I’m dealing with issues at work better. Instead of a bad reaction I am taking time to think about the situation and come up with a solution. I’m less judgemental of colleagues – but also more confident of my own judgement.”
— Luke

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