The beginning of the rest of your life…


Congrats on completing your course! As we often say at the end of our 8-week courses – this is the end of your course and the beginning of the rest of your life!

This journey to know yourself better is an adventure that never ends. What you practice often, becomes the habit of your mind. Hopefully you now have many new practices to develop a happy, relaxed, and dare we say it – peaceful mind.

Still, we know from experience that from time to time we get distracted by other less important but urgent things, become confused or unmotivated and our practice drops away – despite best intentions.

So we’re offering plenty of chances to help you keep practicing, keep discovering and keep opening to the mystery and joy of being alive!

You could think of us like a gentle prodding stick – reminding you of what’s important, of what you got out of your initial course, and perhaps what still lies before you…

Take a look below to see what’s on offer! (And don’t be shy about getting in touch if something isn’t here that you’d really like!)

Please note, the below is for our previous mindfulness course graduates only!  If you’re interested in joining a course, or learning more, please visit our Book Now section.

Monthly Mindfulness Sessions

Meeting up with others who have completed a mindfulness course is a great way to continue to enjoy and retain all the benefits you received on your course.

Commit to coming just once a month to our monthly in-person dropins just for grads, and leave feeling supported and inspired to keep practicing!

These sessions include a chance to:

  • Enjoy a live guided mindfulness practice 
  • Ask any questions you have around your practice, including exploring what you’ve been noticing and how you’re relating to that! 
  • Be inspired with teachings and other new insights
  • Discussions on how to keep living mindfully and ways of keeping mindfulness top of mind!
  • Connect with others from previous courses and feel part of a supportive mindfulness community (tea and biscuits provided!)

We look forward to seeing you!

Cost: $20 per session; Or commit to 4 sessions and pay $60 in advance ($15 per session) with unlimited expiry. Please bring cash on the night or bank transfer to 01-0190-0464593-00 using your name as reference. You can use your concession card on either the in-person or online sessions.

We don’t wish finance to be a barrier for you to attend these sessions, so please email us at if you are unable to afford the session fee. 

Want a reminder?

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In-person sessions 2022

First Wednesday of each month, 7pm-8.30pm
Location: The Mercy Centre, 104 The Drive, Epsom, Auckland

Wed 2nd March
Wed 6th April
Wed 4th May
Wed 6th July
Wed 7th Sept

Online sessions 2022

One hour sessions via zoom, 7pm-8pm
Click here to join

Mon 21st March
Thurs 28th April
Thurs 26th May
Thurs 23rd June
Thurs 21st July CANCELLED
Wed 21st Sept
Wed 19th Oct
Wed 16th Nov

Full Day of Mindfulness
2022 Dates (Grads only)

Sat 3rd Dec, 2022

Sat 3rd Dec, 2022


With jan Haworth 

The day will be in silence, and you will be lead through a range of mindfulness practices.

Cost: $120.00
Location: Michael Park School, Ellerslie
Morning and afternoon tea provided.

Places are limited, please register below.
Please pay via bank transfer to 12-3629-0131546-00, using your name as reference.*

In the middle of our busy and often exhausting lives we can all benefit from stepping out of autopilot and taking some much needed time to simply be.

Join this wonderfully restorative Day of Mindfulness and top-up and deepen your mindfulness practice……

Please bring your own lunch and clothing appropriate for the weather (we’ll be spending some time outside).

*Please note: There are limited places available for the day, and in order to make this fair for all, payment is due on registration and your spot is not guaranteed until you have paid. Please get in contact for any payments queries. 

Register here for our next Day of Mindfulness 

Thank you for filling out this form. We realize the personal nature of these questions; therefore, please be assured that the completed forms are kept in strict confidence and only seen by the teachers.

Once completed you will receive an automatic email with further details on the day and how to pay. Please check your junk folder if it does not arrive!

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