Maintain-Momentum – using Mindfulness in your life

Keeping a mindfulness practice going isn’t always easy on your own.  We can all slip into old habits, get distracted by other less important but urgent things, or just become confused or unmotivated – despite our best intentions.

If you found you really benefited from your first mindfulness course, but recently your practice has fallen away, or you just miss the opportunity of talking with others about what’s going on in your practice – or indeed learning more – then join the Maintain Momentum – using Mindfulness in your life course.

This course builds on all the skills you learnt in your mindfulness course and is designed to help keep your practice at the forefront of your life.  

  • You’ll delve deeper into the latest science and benefits of mindfulness to keep you motivated.  
  • You’ll look at the challenges you’re encountering and finding solutions that fit your life – helping clarify the best practices for you.  
  • You’ll learn more new practices
  • Plus link mindfulness to what’s really important to you in your life.  
  • And of course, that old chestnut of wellbeing – doing it with others.

No courses currently scheduled

We’re sorry, there is currently no Maintain Momentum courses scheduled. But please register your details below, along with preference of time and we’ll get in contact as soon as a new course is ready to go!

“Through this course, I learnt to respond to things and not to react to them. I feel calmer, more focussed and more able to cope with stress. This course has both big and small tips to be mindful and be in the moment. It helped me a great deal in managing my thoughts and situations.”
— Mark
“I have found that living in the moment has opened up so much time for me. Life is so busy, and I used to spend so much time overthinking the past and the future, and then trying to distract myself by watching tv and spending time on my phone. I really am living in the moment and I have found time to do some of the things that I have wanted to do for so long.”
— Elisabeth
“I’ve gained insight into how I respond and ways to manage my response, and I’m less reactive. I’m feeling calmer and more in control of my mind. I listen more to understand the other person. I’d recommend this course to anyone who wants to understand their own mind and thought processes and get more control in their life.”
— Sarah
“This course helped me be more mindful of how I am and in gaining skills to choose different ways of being. Now I take time to slow down, breathe and check in with myself. I believe this course is a great way in which to focus your life and reconnect with oneself.”
— Brenda
“This course was like a treasure box of insight each week. Learning that mindfulness is not about fixing anything was a revelation. I’m using what I learnt each day in many different settings. It’s been particularly helpful at helping me learn to be kinder to myself & others. Family and friends tell me I’m calmer, striving less and smiling more. Jan puts in so much work & brings so much kindness & generosity to the experience you can’t help but want to learn from her.”
— Lou
“I’m noticing that I’m dealing with issues at work better. Instead of a bad reaction I am taking time to think about the situation and come up with a solution. I’m less judgemental of colleagues – but also more confident of my own judgement.”
— Luke

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