Care for your mind

Good mental health and wellbeing means we can cope with the stressors and setbacks we all experience as part of being alive.

 We can build our own resilience by taking small consistent actions day by day.  This Mental Health Awareness Week take our Mindfulness Challenge – and discover some easy, enjoyable mindful exercises to balance and care for your mind!

Mindfulness Challenge

Mon 27th Sept – Sun 3rd Oct

Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) runs from Monday 27th Sept to Sunday 3rd October.

Join the challenge and you’ll be sent a new mindfulness exercise to complete each day. These exercises are short, interactive and hopefully enjoyable!

These actions taken consistently have been proven to support mental health and wellbeing. Every journey begins with one step, so why not begin your journey to mental wellbeing now!

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Online Mindfulness Lunchtime Sessions

If you don’t want to join the Mindfulness Challenge, but would still like some mindfulness in your life, then join one of our three live, online, mindfulness practice sessions.

Use time over your lunchbreak to step out of all the doing of the day and simply be. You’ll be lead through a live mindfulness practice, plus have the chance to chat or ask questions afterwards.

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We look forward to seeing you there!

Monday 27th Sept



Wednesday 29th Sept



Friday 1st Oct



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Sustainability statement

We believe personal well-being, thriving communities, and the health of our planet are interconnected. For every participant in our courses, we partner with Trees that Count to plant a native tree, contributing to the restoration and biodiversity of Aotearoa New Zealand. Join us in cultivating mindfulness, reducing stress, and together, let's nurture both our minds and the Earth we call home.

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