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Research shows that caregivers of children with additional needs experience continually elevated levels of stress, greater than levels experienced by parents of neurotypical children.

We know there are many long-term effects of chronic stress – on our physical, emotional and mental health. As well as affecting our general mood and physical wellbeing, it has been shown to decrease the quality of our relationships and family life.

In addition, Autism experts such as Tony Attwood and Mona Delahooke stress the importance of caregivers being able to regulate themselves, to have a positive impact on the child they are with.  Neuro-divergent children are particularly sensitive to “catching” negative states off others.


Mindful Parenting Course

Mindfulness to support you feeling calmer, balanced and less stressed, so you can continue to support those you care for.

The Mindful Parenting Course is an evidence-based 8-week mindfulness programme developed for parents living with children with additional needs such as Autism and ADHD.

The programme is grounded in scientific research with proven results in helping parents reduce stress, while also increasing self-compassion, well-being and connection with their children.

Studies on parents of children with Autism and ADHD who completed a Mindful Parenting Course showed not only decreased parenting stress but also a reduction in problem behaviours for their children compared with those in the wait list-control groups. After the training, parents reported significantly less depression and more satisfaction with life in general.

Please see research studies references at the bottom of the page.

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What we offer

Evidence Based

This course – specifically for caregivers of individuals with Autism and ADHD – is run by Hannah Saulbrey Ross, a counsellor, parent of a child with Autism and ADHD and a Registered MBSR teacher.  The aims of the course are to:


Manage stress

Feel calmer and less reactive.

Improve sleep

Learn how to wind down, let go and reduce ruminating.

Boost energy

Feel more vitalised, productive and engaged with life.

Increase self compassion and resilience

Take better care of yourself and bounce back quicker.


Physically & psychologically:

A lasting decrease in symptoms associated with depression, anxiety, and chronic stress.


Improve self-regulation

Increased ease and balance that positively affects the children we are with each day.


Achieve wellbeing and balance

Mindfulness cultivates happiness through kindness, acceptance and compassion towards yourself and others.

I thoroughly recommend Hannah’s Mindful Parenting Course. As a mother of an adolescent daughter with ADHD, I found the course informative, practical and therapeutic in navigating the not inconsiderable stresses that exist alongside the many positive aspects of parenting a neurodiverse child. I have been able to implement parenting strategies along with self-care, something I had overlooked in the past, but, has enhanced my parenting skills, and, therefore, strengthened my connection with my daughter. Thank you, Hannah.


Mindful parenting was recommended to me to assist with stress management and support my sleep. Throughout the course I have developed valuable skills in learning how to pause (easier said than done with two differently wired children!), so I may respond rather than just react in challenging parenting situations.  I found Hannah’s warm and engaging teaching style has really helped me to remember self compassion in the difficult parenting moments


Mindful Parenting for Autism and ADHD Course
14th Feb - 4th April 2023

With Hannah Saulbrey Ross

Tuesdays 7pm-9pm, Epsom, Auckland
$550 - Early bird discount $495 (register and pay before 14th January)

Mindful Parenting is an intensive 8-week course of 16 hours of instruction and coaching on mindfulness.

We ask that participants make a commitment to daily practice of 15-20mins between sessions.  We appreciate that it’s often difficult to carve out extra time for something new in lives that are already very busy and crowded.  However, the commitment to spend time in between the sessions will mean that you will gain the maximum benefit from the course.

In the event of a Covid related lockdown, classes will be moved to online zoom sessions.

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Research references

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