Maintain Momentum – ways to keep practicing.

Joining with others to practice together can be a useful and enjoyable way to stay motivated and continue the momentum you built up over your course.

That’s why we’re offering the opportunity to attend our wonderful Full Day of Mindfulness – find out all the details of upcoming sessions below.

Plus, did you know about the Level 2: Mindful Selfcare and Compassion at work course?  This course builds on what you’ve learnt already and exploring how to maintain compassion (for yourself and others!) when working in the health care sector.  More details below.

Please note, these Mindfulness sessions are only for previous mindfulness course graduates.  If you’re interested in joining a course, or learning more, please visit the WDHB page.

Our Level 2 course helps develop compassion and avoid burnout.

Colleagues who completed the course reported:

  • having more compassion for patients and colleagues 
  • tolerating and being with patient feelings more,
  • being more thoughtful of habits they may have fallen into that might distance them from patients
  • a new appreciation of the close relationship between compassion to others and self-compassion

‘I’m more open to how patients may be feeling”

“Practicing self compassion allows me to be more effective at work, so I’m not so overwhelmed with emotion”

“Looking after myself leaves me healthy enough to be more compassionate”

Level 2 course attendees

Compassion is the calling that brought many of us into working in health care. But maintaining compassion under the pressures of our roles isn’t always easy.

Studies have shown 30-50% of health professionals feel incapable of caring for patients.

High numbers of health professionals also experience the symptoms of burnout: emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, cynicism and feeling a lack of personal accomplishment.

Feeling this way also effects our own health.  Burnout causes a 40% increase in heart attack and stroke – a bigger risk than smoking, high cholesterol or lack of exercise!* 

Our Level 2 course builds on the mindfulness learnt in the Level 1 course**, with an emphasis on compassion. Both for ourselves, our colleagues and for our patients. 

The science of compassion is well-established:

  • Multiple studies of compassionate caring have demonstrated a very significant effect on clinical outcomes.
  • The capacity for compassionate care can be enhanced through training.
  • Health professionals who adopt compassionate caring help protect themselves from burnout.


*Toker S, et al. Psychosomatic medicine. 2012;74(8):840-7.
**You need to have attended all four Level 1 sessions to join the Level 2 course.  If you’ve missed some sessions please get in contact at to find out how to make them up.

Full Day of Mindfulness
(Grads only)


(please fill in form to go on waitlist, or to self-fund)

Sat 18th Nov, 2023

With Jan Haworth

The day will be in silence, and you will be lead through a range of mindfulness practices.

Cost: First 10 people FULLY FUNDED by WDHB, $125 thereafter* – Funded places have now been taken. Please fill in the form below to self-fund or go on the waiting list.
Location: The Mary MacKillop Centre, Kohimarama, Auckland
Morning and afternoon tea provided.

Places are limited, please register below.

In the middle of our busy and often exhausting lives we can all benefit from stepping out of autopilot and taking some much needed time to simply be.

Join this wonderfully restorative full Day of Mindfulness and top-up and deepen your mindfulness practice……

*Cost: WDHB is fully funding a fixed number of people to attend the day.  If all the free places are gone, you can still attend but will have to pay the registration fee of $125 or go on the waiting list in case of cancellations.  Please get in contact for any payments queries. 

Day of Mindfulness Registration Form

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Once completed you will receive an automatic email with further details on the day. Please check your junk folder if it does not arrive!

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