Mindfulness Aotearoa

Cultivating Healthy Minds

Develop practical, in-depth & enduring mindfulness skills from our highly-experienced teachers.

Through mindfulness training, you discover how to cultivate a new, kinder way of thinking and apply techniques that have the power to transform how you see yourself, others and the world.

Our experienced and dedicated teachers deliver the gold-standard of mindfulness training, helping you cultivate more resilience, effectiveness and wellbeing in your everyday life.

For Individuals

Discover ways mindfulness can help you manage stress, improve your focus and creativity, think with clarity, reduce depression and anxiety, and sleep better.

For Organisations

Discover ways mindfulness can help you support your staff and their wellbeing, increase performance and effectiveness, reduce stress, and build resilience, compassion and emotional intelligence.


Our desire is to share mindfulness practice with all New Zealanders to reduce suffering and increase wellbeing.

Values: Mindfulness Aotearoa was born from a place of compassion, inclusiveness and integrity, coupled with a firm foundation in ethics, evidence and experience.

Tangible, lasting benefits

“The feedback we received from staff support the impact it had on their self-care and resilience and the tangible lasting benefits they felt from using simple techniques.”

“I found out how to rest. How to be a better caregiver for myself. How to understand myself and others better and how to balance when the stress kicks in.”

What's coming up?

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Trees That Count - Native tree supporter

We are committed to growing healthy minds and a healthy planet, and have partnered with Trees that Count to fund the planting of one native tree for every participant on our mindfulness courses.

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