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Reduce stress and boost performance.

Our mindfulness programmes are uniquely designed to enhance your organisation’s well-being, teamwork, and performance.

Our expert-led courses are meticulously crafted to alleviate stress and amplify overall team effectiveness, custom-tailored to meet your organisation’s specific needs and objectives.

Here’s your opportunity to transform your workplace:


Customised Solutions

Tailor programmes to your organisation’s unique needs and objectives for a personalised approach.


Stress Reduction

Implement evidence-based techniques proven to reduce stress and foster a healthier, more resilient workplace.


Performance Enhancement

Elevate team performance with mindfulness strategies that enhance focus, creativity, and overall effectiveness.


Team Collaboration

Cultivate teamwork and collaboration for a harmonious work environment that encourages collective success.


Experienced Instructors

Learn from highly qualified instructors with years of expertise in mindfulness practices.


Proven Results

Experience measurable results that empower your teams to achieve their full potential.

Dealing with life’s challenges better than before

We were looking for a holistic way to manage stress, regain team connectedness and belonging, and create a better work/life balance. This course wasn’t just about building resilience and focus, but also about feeling happier and more present at home.

My staff have learnt and applied different tools and it’s showing up as improvements at work – people are happier in their personal lives and they’re coming to work happier.

We’re grateful to have completed this course and the fact that we’ve done it together as a team has been really helpful. Everyone’s dealing with whatever life’s throwing at them better than before.”

Khim Fletcher

Managing Director, Ferry Enterprises Ltd

Delve deep into our 8-week “Unwind your Mind” course or we’ll design a course delivery to suit you.


8-Week Unwind Your Mind: Peak Performance and Well-being at Work

Our signature programme is proven to reduce stress and boost resilience, enhancing well-being, teamwork, and performance.

Priced from $7,500 to $10,000 for up to 14 participants.  


Customisable Programmes

Tailor our flexible programmes to meet your organisation’s unique needs and objectives. Choose from a range of options:

  • Half-day workshops
  • Online or blended learning
  • 2-day, 4-week, or 6-week formats

Enjoy flexible pricing options that align with your budget.

Experience tangible results with our evidence-based methodology. These recent results showcase the real impact of our mindfulness courses:

Tangible, Lasting Benefits

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Mindfulness Aotearoa to deliver valuable mindfulness programmes within Counties Manukau Health for a number of years.

The evaluations and individual feedback we’ve received from staff support the impact it had on their self-care and resilience and the tangible lasting benefits they felt from utilising simple techniques.

I have found the team to hold the highest professional standards of practice and experience in their work. I have been impressed by how they have demonstrated a genuine understanding of the pressures and challenges that our staff experience in their day to day work and been flexible in adjusting programmes to meet that need.

We were shortlisted as a finalist for Award for Health, Safety and Wellbeing at the HRINZ Awards in 2016 as a result of our mindfulness based resilience programmes.”

Jenny Powell

Organisational Development Consultant, Te Whatu Ora Counties Manukau

Choosing Mindfulness: Going beyond apps for real impact.

In today’s fast-paced workplaces, prioritising staff well-being is crucial. Mindfulness has emerged as a proven solution to navigate the challenges of a demanding work culture.

Amid daily responsibilities and looming deadlines, minds are often consumed by private thoughts, tinged with fear and worry, leading to chronic stress that impacts productivity, focus, and overall health.

Recognising the need to address these issues, Mindfulness Aotearoa developed our ‘Unwind Your Mind: Peak Performance and Well-being’ courses.

What sets our courses apart is a foundation in gold standard mindfulness training: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). This internationally acclaimed approach, backed by rigorous research, provides a scientifically proven method to cultivate mindfulness and manage stress. Our course equips your staff with tools to stay focused, calm under pressure, and foster kindness towards themselves and others.

Unlike generic well-being and mindfulness apps, our programme offers personalized, expert-guided mindfulness training. Investing in this course goes beyond individual well-being—it’s a strategic move to enhance productivity, focus, collaboration, and overall organizational health, enabling your team to thrive in the face of workplace challenges.

Fit for Purpose, Engaging

“Mindfulness Aotearoa have provided training to our Graduate Nurse programme for a number of years. They are incredibly knowledgeable and deliver a programme that is engaging and well received.”

The team collaborate with us regularly to ensure the training is fit for purpose and they continue to be flexible and understanding of the demands of our healthcare environment. The graduate nurses consistently provide positive feedback and report new learnings that are directly applicable to their work.”

Kim Dittmer


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