“Mindfulness is a ‘must-have’: a way to keep our brains healthy, to support self-regulation and effective decision-making, and to protect ourselves from toxic stress.” — Harvard Business Review, January 2015

Delve deep into mindfulness on our eight-week course or we’ll design a course delivery to suit you.

With the pressures of constant connectivity and information overload, mindfulness practice has become increasingly recognised as an effective and powerful way to support staff and their wellbeing.

On top of day-to-day work responsibilities and deadlines, we live with never-ending private thoughts that lean towards fear, worry and worst-case scenario thinking. No wonder we find ourselves living in a state of chronic stress.

Stress negatively affects our productivity and focus, our cognitive and emotional response, our immune system and physical health, and our ability to work well with others.

Mindfulness Aotearoa have developed our mindfulness within organisations course to support your staff to perform effectively and increase their resilience, with their wellbeing and happiness at the forefront.

You can read more on the impact of mindfulness in The Mindful Nation UK workplace report.


Staff wellbeing and performance are clearly linked. Research around the world proves that in-depth mindfulness programmes, delivered by highly trained facilitators, can deliver these wins:


Save money

By reducing the costs associated with staff absenteeism and turnover.


Your staff increase their capability to problem solve, think creatively and find innovative solutions.

Manage and flourish

in a dynamic, global workplace.


Are improved both internally and externally with stronger and more compassionate communication skills.

Improved cognition:

Your staff are likely to concentrate better, retain more information, learn more effectively and make decisions faster.


Mindfulness can help your staff approach tasks more calmly and confidently, effectively prioritise them, and see them through to completion.

Job satisfaction

Your staff are likely to respond better to stress, adapt to change and feel calmer and less reactive.

Experienced Facilitators

Not all mindfulness courses are created equal! If you want real, sustainable change, then you need programmes proven to deliver.

We facilitate Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) courses –the gold-standard of mindfulness which is backed by years of rigorous, international research. MBSR is highly respected around the world, and is an evidence-based approach developed by the acclaimed Emeritus Professor, Jon Kabat-Zinn and colleagues at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Our facilitators are highly trained and certified MBSR teachers who have been teaching and practicing mindfulness for years. Research proves time and again that experienced mindfulness practitioners are the most effective and sustainable way to cultivate long-lasting and profound change.

What We Offer


8-Week Workplace Resilience Courses

The real “McCoy’ of mindfulness, proven to stimulate sustainable change in the lives of your staff and long-lasting change in your organisation.

Customisable Programmes

If 8-weeks does not suit your organisation, we can work with you to customise our programme for your workplace.

Proven Track Record

For over ten years, we’ve delivered a highly-effective and popular mindfulness based resilience at work course to the staff of Counties Manukau District and Waitemata Health Boards. Well over 1,000 staff have attended.

“I have had the privilege of working with Mindfulness Aotearoa in planning and coordinating the delivery of mindfulness programmes within Counties Manukau Health for a number of years.

The evaluations and individual feedback we have received from staff supporting the impact and effect it had on their self-care and resilience, with the tangible lasting benefits they felt from utilising simple techniques, were testament to its value.

I have found the team to hold the highest professional standards of practice and experience in their work. I have been impressed by how they have demonstrated a genuine understanding of the pressures and challenges that healthcare staff experience in their day to day work and been flexible in adjusting programmes to meet that need.

We were shortlisted as a finalist for Award for Health, Safety and Wellbeing at the HRINZ Awards in 2016 as a result of our mindfulness based resilience programmes.”

Jenny PowellJenny Powell
Organisational Development Consultant
Counties Manukau Health

More feedback from our MBSR course:

“I feel empowered to use the techniques taught at the course – these are tools which have helped me to “take time out” and re assess situations and gain meaning from experiences. This course has also helped me to relax, sleep better and be more energised and organised.”

“MBSR has helped me to take control of my work/life balance and manage myself better, therefore reduce stress and have more energy.”

“I’ve gained insight into how I respond and ways to manage my response, and I’m less reactive. I’m feeling calmer and more in control of my mind. I listen more to understand the other person. I’d recommend this course to anyone who wants to understand their own mind and thought processes and get more control in their life.”

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