Live with curiosity, openness and acceptance.

Modern life’s hectic – so many people, things and messages compete for our attention every day. People practice mindfulness for many reasons: feeling stressed, anxious, disconnected or overwhelmed; have trouble sleeping or living with chronic pain or illness; struggle to focus or communicate effectively or feel like they never have enough time.

People from all backgrounds and life stages benefit from mindfulness. As we take on more responsibilities, experience change, grief, or the illness of loved ones, we need ways to cope – without taking drugs.

Humans are also innately curious. We desire to understand ourselves more, to explore why we react the way we do, and to move to a place where we can enjoy life.

8 Week Course

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

Come and experience MBSR – the globally recognised gold standard in mindfulness.

Perhaps you’ve tried a mindfulness app, read about the benefits of mindfulness, or even tried an introductory course. Maybe you have no idea what mindfulness is, but you’ve seen the word pop up everywhere!

So why 8-weeks? We’re all attracted to a quick fix, but real and lasting change takes time. True mindfulness involves transforming the habits of our mind and body, and this takes practice. See it as a way of getting your mind in shape and mindfulness exercises are your mental sit-ups.

MBSR courses run over eight weeks with 2.5-hour weekly sessions, as well as a full-day retreat and home practice. Backed by 39 years of research, including in the fields of neuroscience and psychology, MBSR is proven to be effective.

Discover how to make positive emotional, psychological and physical changes in your life. Eight weeks of MBSR training and practice can lead to tangible and lasting changes in your career, relationships and overall wellbeing.

Have a go at mindfulness

Got questions or like to know more about what’s involved in an MBSR course? Join our free, online intro session

We’ll explain what mindfulness is, bust some myths, have a go at a short practice and answer any questions you may have.

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What we offer

Evidence Based

Over 40 years of research demonstrates that participants can experience real and lasting changes in their brain from MBSR courses, particularly in the parts associated with memory, positive self-image and empathy. Mindfulness also helps you:


Manage stress

Feel calmer and less reactive.

Improve sleep

Learn how to wind down, let go and reduce ruminating.

Boost energy

Feel more vitalised, productive and engaged with life.

Increase focus and creativity

Increase your awareness, concentration and creative problem-solving.

Physically & psychologically:

A lasting decrease in symptoms associated with depression, anxiety, chronic pain and illness.

Achieve wellbeing and balance

Mindfulness cultivates happiness through kindness, acceptance and compassion towards yourself and others.

Feel alive

Increased sense of connection, meaning and purpose.
What we offer

Highly Skilled Teachers

Most people who use mindfulness apps, or try mindfulness programs without a properly trained teacher, just quit practicing after a while.

Our genuine, personal approach means our highly-trained, experienced, and dedicated teachers position you as the expert in your own wellbeing. Unlike self-help programmes you may have experienced, it’s not about fixing you. We’re here to help you engage with mindfulness practice in ways that can transform your life. But ultimately, mindfulness is an active, daily practice and it’s your commitment that counts.

What we offer

Excellent Value

Our immersive, eight-week course includes 27 hours of personal mindfulness training – bringing you intensive and lasting value which can impact all areas of your life – from your relationships, your work, your self-identity and wellbeing.

We want to make mindfulness practice as accessible as we can, so we can also arrange payment plans or a discount if you need a helping hand.

Upcoming Course Dates

Have a Go at Mindfulness

Got questions or like to know more about what’s involved in an MBSR course?

Join our free, online intro session.

We’ll explain what mindfulness is, bust some myths, have a go at a short practice and answer any questions you may have.

Wed 24th June, 12.30pm - via zoom - Register here

Wed 30th June, 7pm - via zoom - Register here

MBSR Course - Online
14th July – 1st Sept 2021

With Dianne May

Wednesdays 7pm-9pm, Online
Full Day of Mindfulness Sat 14th Aug

*Please get in contact if you would like to discuss payment options

MBSR Course
26th Oct – 14th Dec 2021

With Jan Haworth

Tuesdays 6.30pm-9pm, Greenlane
Full Day of Mindfulness Sat 4th Dec
$690 Or $610 if paid by 28th Sept - early bird rate

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