Tools to manage stress and support your health and wellbeing.


If you are working in health – long hours, stressful situations, working daily with the pain and suffering of others can start to take its toll.

We know there are many long-term negative effects of chronic stress – on our physical, emotional and mental health. As well as affecting our general mood and physical wellbeing, it has been shown to decrease the quality of our relationships and family life.

Research shows that mindfulness training is useful in reducing stress and burnout, and increasing resilience for healthcare workers and may increase the quality of interactions with patients.

Mindfulness Based Resilience at Work (MBR@W)

The Mindfulness Based Resilience at Work (MBR@W) courses offer tools to help you when you’re caught up in stress, feeling overwhelmed, or simply facing the challenges of your day.

Adapted from the highly regarded, evidence-based Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course often considered the gold standard of mindfulness courses. It has been proven to reduce the symptoms associated with anxiety, depression and stress and improve self-regulation and overall wellbeing.

MBR@W has been running for over 10 years at Counties Manakau and Waitematā District Health Boards.  

Previous attendees reported feeling less stressed, less reactive, less stroppy with their colleagues, having an improved ability to handle stressful situations, and knowing how to take better care of themselves.

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What we offer

Learning Outcomes

Our highly trained and experienced facilitators will help you to:


Manage stress

Recognise the signs of stress earlier, feel calmer and less reactive.


Focus and concentrate

Develop techniques to focus attention and be present.


Increase self care and resilience

Take better care of yourself and bounce back quicker.


Communicate effectively

Listen and engage more effectively and empathetically with others.


Improve sleep

Learn how to wind down, let go and reduce ruminating.

Achieve wellbeing and balance

Mindfulness cultivates happiness through kindness, acceptance and compassion towards yourself and others.

2022 Dates

Level 1 – MBR@W Course
19th Oct – 9th Nov 2022

With Dianne May

4-week course
Wednesdays 9.30am-11.30am
Waitakere Hospital
ID: Course 4

Level 2 – MBR@W Course
19th Oct – 9th Nov 2022

With Dianne May

4-week course
Wednesdays 2.30pm-4.30pm
Waitakere Hospital
ID: Course 3

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We ask that participants make a commitment to daily practice of 20-40mins between sessions.  We appreciate that it’s often difficult to carve out extra time for something new in lives that are already very busy and crowded.  However, the commitment to spend time in between the sessions will mean that you’ll gain maximum benefit from the course.

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